Testimonials from families and au pairs on the program. Thank you  very much for your kind words.

  • Belma is an awesome LCC. She is responsive and very helpful to us as host parents. She was also very involved during our matching process: always there to answer questions if we had them and provide solid advice. We really appreciate her! April and Bryan U.- Maplewood, NJ

  • This is my first year with Cultural Care. Prior to this year I was with another au pair program and am extremely impressed with the level of customer service at Cultural Care.  – Meredith L. – South Orange, NJ.
  • Belma Bostanci is fantastic, you are very very very lucky to have her as part of your team, I hope you relay that to her. – Jennifer M.- South Orange, NJ
  • Belma has been a wonderful resource from the very beginning. She is very knowledgable about the program and is readily available. As stated before, i view her as my main contact and go to her for most of my questions as they relate to existing or new au pairs. – Ane J. – Maplewood, NJ
  • Everyone was very prompt in returning our phone calls. Belma Bostanci (LCC) was particularly helpful, and she has proven to be consistently helpful during our time with Cultural CareBelma is fabulous, and she was very supportive during our last au pair match process. In fact, she helped to expedite matters. She’s always pleasant when she visits and on the telephone. I feel I can call her with any question or issue. – Polly K. –  Maplewood, NJ
  • Belma Bostanci has been an enormous support for us every step of the way–identifying, contacting, selecting, and supporting our au pairs. – Sabrina L. – Maplewood, NJ
  • Belma is an incredibly professional, well-informed coordinator. She is a tremendous source of information for both the host families and au pairs.  – Shawn T. – Maplewood, NJ
  • We love Belma and she is incredibly helpful to us and our au pair.Belma has been GREAT. She keeps us informed and is an excellent resource. She has also helped out in some specific situations to our family.  –Stefani C. – Millburn, NJ
  • Our LCC was incredibly supportive during our re-match process. She was available, helpful in the communication with the old au pair, and welcoming of the new au pair. – Natalie F. – Maplewood, NJ
  • Our selection process this time around was greatly helped by our lcc, who knows us well, and pushed us to take a male au pair, which was the right idea. Belma is great. She’s very on top of everything and is good at being both firm and accessible. – Marina and Marc A. – Maplewood, NJ
  • Belma is Phenomenal!!!  – Shawndya S.W. – South Orange, NJ

  • What more can we say? Belma is THE reason we continue to use Cultural Care. I don’t know what we would do if it weren’t for Belma, her guidance, knowledge, kindness, etc. Belma is eally fantastic, such an asset for your organization. We rely on her, probably too often, to give us perspective on what our expectations should be and what our au pair’s expectations should be. I think she has helped us to ease into being a host family with minimal issues. Thanks Belma.- Laurie Z. – Maplewood, NJ

  • Belma is very knowledgeable about the process and is a good source of information for the au pairs on schools, things to do, etc. Having a field person, particularly in your first year, is so helpful. She knows the skinny on everything from boyfriends to babysitting – things you can’t find in a prospectus. – Julie P. – Maplewood, NJ
  • Belma is terrific and a good motivation for us to stick with this agency. – Kathleen A.M – Maplewood, NJ

  • Our LCC Belma is very knowledgable and extremely helpful all the time. – Nina B. – West Orange, NJ

  • Belma is very relaxed and friendly and has done a good job helping us and our au pair. – Ben G. – Maplewood, NJ

  • Belma has really been able to get to know our family and uses her knowledge of our family to help us select the right AP and deal with any situations that may arise. – Amy M. – Maplewood, NJ

  • I would like to thank my LCC, the best LCC in the world, Belma Bostanci. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have the time of my life! She is always there for me, ready to help for anything! She is not just my LCC, she is my very good friend! Thank you, Belma! ;)))) Minela Kajmak – Au Pair from Bosnia

  • My LCC is Belma Bostanci, from Millburn New Jersey. Thank you for all the support and help. Creative and Fun meetings. I appreciate your effort. -Sarai Nunez – Au Pair from Mexico

  • Dear Belma, thank you for being such a nice LCC. It is not usual to be soo nice like you are! The meetings are always fun and you are really trying hard to make them fun! You are dealing in the Au pairs behalf which is just great!My Hostparents told me that you did a very good job in matching me with them: THANK YOU SO MUCH! You really did a GREAT JOB. I love my Hostfamily so much that I think my 9 month Extension is too short to stay with them, eventhough 12 month would be too short either! You are reachable every minute and it is just cool to have you on Facebook- there we can see what Miss Belma is doing while she´s a mum, a friend, and just a normal GIRL 😉 Thanks so much to be part of your group!!!! Have a nice week! Love Sarah :-********** –  Sarah – Au Pair from Germany

  • Hi Belma, I just wanna say “thanks” for everything you have done for me as my LCC, you are supportive, loving and caring. You really understand the program, I’m so happy to have a LCC like you. I have no beautiful words to show my gratitude, YOU ROCK!!!!!! Keep the fire burning. Andiswa, Au Pair from South Africa

  • Now its time for me to say goodbye to the U.S., my flight goes at 630pm. I had an awesome year thanks to my lovely hostfamily, my LCC Belma and of course thanks to my great friends I made during the year! I will never forget the fun times and always love you! – Simi- Au Pair from Germany

  • Hi Belma:)
    I would like to thank you for being my LCC. I had such nice year here in New Jersey. I was reall lucky to had so nice, kind 
    host family, they are very good people, and I realise that I will miss them....
    To sum my year I have to say that I couldn't imagine a better time. 
    I definitely will miss USA and have great memories.
    Thank you Belma, thanks to you I got here and I was living  Millburn, which is 
    such a beautiful town and close NYC:)...
    Big hug, take care (you are such a fun and cool person)
    All the best..............< Ania from Poland