2017 Meeting Schedule

REMEMBER: Meetings are mandatory and you are only allowed to miss two and that only for a good reason: such as sickness, school or vacation. You can not choose to go to another au pair group meeting just because you feel like it or have a friend that goes there. It is a State Department regulation that an au pair must meet with their own LCC each month, so if you do miss a meeting for a good reason, it is your responsibility to contact me to possibly make it up. Make up meetings are on a case by case basis and normally scheduled at the same time for all au pairs who missed a meeting, but not necessarily done every month. Thank you.

Tentative meeting schedule: For more info for the month ahead, click on Au-Pair meetings under categories on the right

side of this page. http://bbostanci.aupairnews.com/category/au-pair-meetings/

Meetings are subject to change due to venue availability, bad weather or other unforeseen issues.

2017 meeting dates – subject to change

  • January 8 – 7 PM Rock Climbing and Gymnastics
  • February 4 – Ice Skating
  • March 5 – Fire Department
  • April 2 – Easter Egg Hunt
  • May 6  – Disco Cruise
  • May 15 – Park – if not attending cruise
  • June 4 – International Fest Host Family/Au Pair event 
  • July 26 – Concert in the park/Floods Hill – Counterfeiters (80s, 90s Band) 
  • August 23 – Movie in the park – I will bring ice cream
  • September 10 – Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty trip
  • September 11 – Eagle Rock Memorial
  • October 8 – Camp fire and s’mores, candy apples – getting to know each other
  • November 4 – NY Marathon
  • November 8 – Escape room and Park options
  • December 6 – Holiday present making
  • December 13 – Holiday lights at the zoo 

2018 meeting dates – subject to change

  • January 7 – Rock climbing and gym floor