Classes Au Pairs have taken

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As part of you J-1 visa status and being an Au-Pair, you are required to take 6 credit classes in an accredited institution. Online and Adult Schools are not accepted, it absolutely has to be a local college; an accredited institution. Even if the class does not give you credits, you can count hours towards your fulfillment;

1 credit equals 12 hours – 6 credits equals 72 hours of class time

The following list of schools/colleges are accredited institutions you may take classes in. There are others, but this is in the immediate area. Please consult with each school individually. Below each school you will see the classes some of the Au-Pairs in our group have taken. This is just to help you get an idea what is offered, there are other options and different courses you may choose from. I will be updating this page with each tip I get from Au-Pairs, so may find something different each time you check in.

Au-Pairs need to schedule the classes around the families schedule and the family is responsible for getting them to school, whether it is letting the Au-Pair use the car, dropping and picking the Au-Pair up or paying for public transportation the Au-Pair needs to use to get to classes. If Au-Pairs are sharing rides, please make sure the family is okay with it and use common sense.

Please remember that Colombia High School classes DO NOT count toward the educational component!



1033 Springfield Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016
(908) 709-7000

Union County is good if you need a few extra hours to fullfill your educationanal component and is affordable.

Department: Continuing Education:

  • AMERICAN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION. Price is $ 176 for two credits. Highly recommended by Diana Caro. Very good price too.
  • SPANISH 1. $ 129 for 15 hours
  • BALLET BODY SCULP: 10 weeks: 10 hours for $99
  • NYC INTERIOR TOUR – part of continuing education: 8 hours for $40 plus lunch (includes bus to NYC from the college and back)


Seton Hall University:

400 South Orange Ave
South Orange, NJ 07079
(973) 761-9000

contact: Adrian DeMuro

Admin. Director/Coordinator

571 Jubilee Hall

Seton Hall University, 400 South Orange Avenue in South Orange

phone: 973-761-9254



You will find all the information regarding the classes you are entitled to take.

If you want to audit a general class, not related to ESL, then you would have to go to Bailey Hall and see what classes are available. Make sure you say you are auditing, as you are being charged less then, about $100 per credit. There are additional registration fees such as a $75 application fee and in some cases a $ 100 technology fee. Parking is extra, but you can park on side streets as well.

Au-Pairs are entitled to take a selection of classes at a discounted price of $ 375. Please make sure you do tell you are an Au-Pair to take advantage of this offer. They offer morning and evening classes.

  • ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE: Price is $ 375 for 42 hours or 3 1/2 credits.
  • ADVANCE GRAMMAR: Price is $375 for 3 credits.
  • ADVANCE GRAMMAR 2: $375 for 3 credits.
  • TOEFL PREPARATION: Price is $375 for Au-Pairs
  • TOEFL ADVANCED: $375 for 3 credits or 48 hours
  • ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES: $375 for 3 credits.
  • INTERMEDIATE ESL ALL SKILLS ESL: All Skills by Soma Philipose , 3 Credits, $ 375,
  • INTERMEDIATE ESL CONVERSATION/LISTENING: by Teresita Kellenyi, 4 Credits, $ 500
  • ADVANCED CONVERSATION AND LISTENING: Gina Milano, $375 for 3 credits
  • ADVANCED ESL SKILLS: 3 credits, $ 375
  • ADVANCE ALL SKILLS: 3 credits for $375
  • DIPLOMACY CLASS (The emergence of contemporary world) – This is an auditing class and they charge $100 per credit.
  • FRENCH REFRESHER: audited class, $100 per credit and the fees above
  • WOMEN STUDIES: audited class, $100 per credit and the fees above
  • PRE-ACADEMIC READING AND WRITING: Deirdre Vedova, $375 for 3 credits
  • SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY: 3 credits – $485
  • BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: 3 credits for $375



Main Campus
303 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102
973 877-3000 (Main)
973-877-3100 (Admissions)

West Essex Campus
730 Bloomfield Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ 07006
973-877-3175 (Academic Programs)
973-877-6590 (Enrollment Services)

Au-Pairs get the in-county rate here. Please mention you are an Au-Pair with Cultural Care. The West Caldwell campus offers good free classes Au-Pairs can take. They are different each semester, so get the information directly from the campus.

  • Internet – Web Page Design Specialist – 6 credits $ 750 – Nielisson is taking this class.
  • ESL grammar class – with Professor Hills. Eva liked this class, because the homework was not much, however she feels if your level of English is pretty high, this class would not be right.  4.5 credits course cost $560
  • Writing for the media – Ida is taking this class and it is 3 credits
  • English as a second language – Natalie is taking this class
  • Health – Natalie is taking the class



36 Madison Avenue

Madison, New Jersey 07940


Every semester the classes you can audit are different, so if you are interested in this great campus and excellent school, you have to consult the Drew University web-site or visit the continuing education office on campus.

  • AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE: $250 for 4 credits; audited, plus parking and registration. Alex recommends this class. She said the teacher was great and she learned a lot.

  • INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OR LITERATURE: $250 for 4 credits; audited, plus parking and registration. Alex did not like this class too much as it was not advanced, but if you are looking into getting a start, this may be the class for you.
  • IMMIGRATION AND THE CRISIS IN PUBLIC CONVERSATION (includes volunteer work at the Morristown Neighborhood House which offers ESL to immigrants): 3 credits for $295. Class is twice a week, 1 hours and 15 minutes each time.



1 Normal Avenue/corner Valley Rd.

Montclair, NJ 07043


  • ESL CLASS: 3 credits for $ 385, two times per week, Carito is taking this class.
  • TOEFFL: 6 credits, $ 650, twice per week; Paula is taking this class as she will need it in the future.



C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University
720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY 11548
phone 516-299-2000


One weekend course is worth 3 credits and costs from $300 to $ 350, depending on if you are communiting there every day (Friday afternoon through Sunday) or staying there over night.

Courses offered at CW Post:

  • Celebration of Holidays: American Culture
  • American Government and Politics
  • TOEFL/English Exam Preparation Course
  • Regional Identities: American Culture
  • History of American Women: American History
  • Maximizing Success through American Literature
  • Music That Made America: History of American Music
  • Changing American Family
  • Cultural Dynamic and the American Society (Recommended by Marcela)
  • American Indian Cultures and Their Impact on American Society (Marcela enjoyed and recommends the class)
  • History of American Sports (Au Pairs loved this class)
  • Growing up in America
  • Highlights of the Harlem Renaissance
  • Storytelling: As A Way of Life: Exploring Traditions



Silver Bay Au Pair Courses, LLC

The College of Saint Rose
432 Western Avenue
Albany, New York 12203-1490
Phone: 518.454.5115 (e-mails preferred)


Home Page

Each weekend program at Silver Bay is different. Below is a list of some of the practical class sessions that you may have the opportunity to take. Several of these will be offered each weekend. The Goal is to offer you programs to educate you about American Culture, assist you as an au pair and provide opportunity for personal development.

Au pairs decide on the evening of their arrival at the Silver Bay Campus, which sessions they will attend during the weekend.

The fee is : $ 275 for one weekend and 3 credits. Additional fees apply if you register late, less then one month in advance, so please plan accordingly.

Getting to Silver Bay: driving is best, although there is a train you can take for about $60 and you have to arrange shuttle to pick you up and take you to the school for another $60.

Class Topics May Include:
  • American Political Structure
  • American History Highlights
  • Introduction to American Poetry
  • American Holidays; Cultural Differences
  • American Slang in Today’s Society
  • American Criminal Justice System
  • Cultural Differences in Parenting
  • Music Related Activities for Kids of All Ages
  • American Social Life and Subcultures
  • American Literature for Kids
  • Early Literacy Development in Children
  • Digital Photography – Equipment and Techniques
  • Activities and Crafts for Children
  • Cooperation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Children’s Theater
  • Creative Journaling
  • Creative Story Telling
  • Yoga & Everyday Exercise
  • Native American Story Telling
  • Songs and Dances for Children
  • Healthy Activities for Kids
  • Optical Illusions
  • Games for Children
  • Ice Cream Making
  • Spontaneous Drama
  • Time Management for You
  • Win/Win: Conflict Resolution



BMCC-Start Here. Go Anywhere

weekend courses (3-4 weekends on campus and in the city of your choice)

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC-CUNY) is offering educational courses (Niagara Falls-The Flow of History / Boston – A Revolutionary City / Washington, DC – Monuments and Memorials,  Montreal – France in America and California Plus as part of their Learning Across America program) for students living in the METRO NEW YORK CITY / TRI-STATE area.  You will earn 45 hours of credit, or 4.5 CEU’s per course.  The price of these educational courses range from $269 – $749 and include on-campus classroom sessions AND a weekend tour to the destination you study. They also offer non credit travel to different destinations across the country.

  • BOSTON: 3 Sunday’s a month and 4th full weekend of travel to Boston; $289 for 3 credits
  • WASHINGTON DC: 3 Sunday’s a month and traveling the 4th weekend; $379 for 3 credits.
  • MONTREAL*: 3 Sunday’s 10 AM to 4 PM and the fourth week full weekend of travel. Au Pairs said the trip was great, they stayed in nice hotels and it the whole thing cost $ 369 all included. 4.5 credits, but you have to attend all classes to get full credit.
  • NIAGARA FALLS*: 3 Sunday’s 10 AM to 4 PM. AP’s loved the trip. $369 for three Sunday classes and the trip, including the hotel. 4,5 credits.

* You may need a Canadian visa to travel to Niagara Falls and Montreal and you have to get your DS-2019 signed to be able to come back to the United States. You also have to attend all classes to get all credits, otherwise they will deduct.



RUTGERS UNIVERSITY – New Brunswick and Newark Campus

732-445-info (4636)



1000 Morris Avenue , Union, NJ 07083  PH: 908-737-KEAN (5326)


Columbia University
in the City of New York
2960 Broadway
New York, NY 10027-6902
General Information:
(212) 854-1754

NYU – New York University

70 Washington Sq S, New York, NY

(212) 998-1212


66 West 12th Street
New York, NY 10011



French Institute Alliance Française

22 East 60th Street, NYC


They  have a Montclair class on Sundays, so that may be helpful.


New Jersey City University

2039 Kennedy Boulevard,  Jersey City, New Jersey


Most classes at this college are 4 Saturdays and are very affordable, between $ 79 and $ 200 per class.